Company Profile


The company was family established in 2001 as MB Construction Group. A few years later the company expanded its services and team to meet a wider demand in the London and Surrounding Area. The exceptional quality of work that is performed and the extraordinary level of customer satisfaction grew the company’s reputation and size rapidly which gave it the ability to provide a larger amount of contracting services for those wanting superior building practices as well as quality and design beyond expectations. In 2011, MB Construction Group became an incorporated business to be able to provide even more for the customer in need.


MB Construction Group Inc. focuses on numerous aspects when working with its customers. First it is providing the customer with an estimate and consultation to ensure that all areas have been covered before any construction begins. We will inform you with everything that is occurring during the process and ensure that the project is completed on time to your satisfaction. We understand the challenge of choosing someone to complete your project and believe it is vital that the time be taken to pick the right company which will produce the results you are expecting. We value honesty and will provide a guarantee for our work that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our best work is nothing less of your expectations as we are consistently focusing on you, the customer, to make you as happy as possible!


Time and money are some of the main factors in the construction industry and we know you do not want to waste yours on selecting substandard contractors which lead to problems. Being in the business for so long we have come across many customers who have had negative experineces with contractors. We’ve managed to repair these negative experiences and leave the customer with positive ones. Our vision is to restore faith in the industry and to put your mind at ease when you decide to commence your project with us. We are here to make a difference!